etee by TG0

Broad Compatibility

Touch Sensing

Ergonomic Design

Custom Bindings

Modular Trackers

Pick up and Play

Built for your needs

The etee ecosystem of devices and accessories is designed as a modular and easy to use tool for both professional and everyday use cases. Spatial computing, location based entertainment and IoT scenarios benefit from it's robust and ergonomic design.


Fully SteamVR compatible the etee controllers and trackers plug in seamlessly into your play area to offer new exciting ways to play.

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With etee Controller three degrees of freedom functionality you can integrate them into various advanced use cases like smart home control, research or robotics to name just a few.

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The etee controller and tracker ecosystem offers professionals and researchers an easy and modular way to explore new interactions and virtual use cases.

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"I have the Valve Index which does a similar thing but it's quite a chunky controller. This is so light, it's so pick up and play."

– VR Bug

"This is going to be great for some augmented VR world where you want to interact with other people with your hands."

– Charbax

eteeControllers SteamVR

£259.00 £299.00

Fully compatible with the SteamVR ecosystem. Immerse yourself in virtual reality with this innovative modular controller.



First of it's kind standalone modular SteamVR tracker with USB-C connectivity. Fully SteamVR compatible and ready to be integrated into your SteamVR play area.