TG0 One (1) Year Limited Warranty (UK)

For TG0 branded Products Only

What is covered by this warranty?

TG0 one (1) year hardware limited warranty is provided only to an end-user customer for the period set forth in an order that has been accepted by TG0.

The end-user customer must be: (A) a buyer purchasing hardware directly from TG0; or (B) an entity purchasing hardware from a reseller that (i) is a buyer of hardware via the TG0 Channel Partner program, or (ii) a reseller that has purchased hardware from a buyer who is a TG0 Channel Partner distributor. The hardware limited warranty covers defects in materials and workmanship in the TG0-branded hardware.

TG0 warrants that your TG0 branded products, when delivered to you: (A) is in new condition, in original packaging, and (B) when used in normal conditions, is free from any defects in manufacturing, materials, and workmanship.

What is not covered by this warranty?

The limited warranty does not cover: (A) software, including the operating system and software added to the hardware, or the reloading of software; (B) non-TG0 branded products and accessories; (C) problems resulting from (i) external causes such as accident, abuse, misuse, or problems with electrical power, (ii) servicing not authorised by TG0, (iii) usage that is not in accordance with product instructions, (iv) failure to follow the product instructions or failure to perform preventive maintenance, (v) problems caused by using accessories, parts, or components not supplied by TG0; (D) normal wear and tear; and (E) products with missing or altered service tags or serial numbers.

What will TG0 do in the event of a warranty claim?

If during the warranty period you submit a claim, TG0 will, at its option:

    • Repair the TG0 products using new or previously used TG0 genuine parts, or
    • Replace the TG0 product with a replacement of the same models or similar models with your consent

How to obtain warranty service?

Please contact our customer support on this page with original proof of purchase for additional instructions on obtaining Limited Warranty service. You will be eligible for warranty service if your claim is submitted within 1 year of date of purchase from an authorised reseller.

Upon confirmation of warranty eligibility, you will be responsible for sending the product to TG0 for repair; TG0 will pay for import fees, duties and taxes. After the product has been repaired or a replacement is provided, TG0 will cover the shipping fee and any import fees, duties and taxes will be paid by you.

Limitation of liability

TG0’s responsibility for malfunctions and defects in hardware is limited to repair and replacement of the hardware as set forth in this warranty statement. Except as provided above, TG0 and its suppliers make no, and hereby disclaim all other, warranties, express or implied, including any warranties of non-infringement, merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose.


No TG0 reseller or distributor is authorised to make any modification, extension, or addition to this warranty.

All TG0 products are sold from the UK, this warranty is governed by and construed under the laws of England and each party hereby submits to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts, unless you live in Scotland in which case the laws of Scotland will apply.