TG0 is the company behind etee controllers. We are London, UK based R&D start-up commercialising a platform technology to create novel tactile control products. Our technology leaps into exciting applications: tactile gaming, car interior controls, ergonomic computer peripherals, and high-end interactive products.

etee controllers

etee offers you a better way to play. No need to memorise your button layout. No need to keep hold of a heavy controller that makes your hand ache. Just slip etee on, and enjoy smooth control from every finger.
It started as as a demonstrator for TG0 touch sensing technology and matured over time in what you see now.

Why It Matters

The technology leaps into exciting applications: making appliances and surfaces effortlessly smart and with appealing finishes, making tactile gaming and VR controllers robust and more engaging, creating pressure mapping surfaces and devices capable of monitoring and learning users behaviours, creating ergonomic and easy to use features for consumer products catering to different needs, accessible for the disabled, the visually impaired, the elderly and children.

Meet The Team

TG0 is the team behind etee. TG0 is a diverse team passionate about creating products that people have never seen before, with effortless and elegant manufacturing. Our 20-strong team of tactile control experts has vast experience in bringing new, innovative, technology to market. We are a team who enjoy each other, who love to have fun and who value beauty, novelty and innovation. We take pride in our teamwork, perfectionism and passions to create things that people have never seen before.


TG0 material turns conventional surfaces into digital interfaces, without introducing new electronic clusters. Instead of inventing another high-performance discrete sensor network technology, TG0 uses it's smart materials as the sensor medium themselves.

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Custom Projects

TG0 technology is available for co-development and licensing. Do you have a product idea that we can help you bring to market with our touch and pressure sensing technology?

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