etee for Meta Quest

etee for Meta Quest

etee, a pioneer in the virtual reality (VR) industry, proudly announces the latest advancement in their groundbreaking eteeControllers.


A VR first, eteeControllers now offers seamless compatibility with VIVE Ultimate Trackers and Meta Quest via PCVR, delivering the ultimate wireless virtual reality gaming experience.


A New Era of Modularity and Compatibility

eteeControllers, known for their innovative button-free design, now support VIVE Ultimate Trackers and Meta Quest headsets, providing users with unmatched freedom and immersion in VR. This development eliminates the need for excess cables and base stations, allowing for fully immersive and unrestricted VR experiences.

Unique Features of eteeControllers

Launched in 2020, eteeControllers revolutionised the VR landscape as the first controllers to offer precise full-finger tracking without traditional buttons. These controllers enable more natural and intuitive interactions, enhancing the overall VR experience. With their lightweight design and advanced sensing capabilities, eteeControllers are the ideal choice for VR enthusiasts seeking superior control and immersion.

Integration with VIVE Ultimate Tracker and Meta Quest

The VIVE Ultimate Tracker utilises advanced computer vision technology and dual wide-FOV cameras to deliver precise spatial recognition, eliminating the need for base stations. When paired with eteeControllers, users benefit from an unparalleled VR experience characterised by unrestricted movement and ease of setup.

Why Choose eteeControllers for Meta Quest?

  • Wireless Freedom: Experience complete freedom of movement without the hassle of cables or base stations.
  • Wide Compatibility: eteeControllers are compatible with Meta Quest and other SteamVR-compatible headsets.
  • Enhanced Immersion: Enjoy precision tracking and full-finger detection for a more immersive and interactive VR experience.
  • Elevate Your VR Experience with etee

The combination of eteeControllers and VIVE Ultimate Trackers offers a customisable and natural VR experience, from custom bindings to intuitive controls. Whether using Meta Quest or any other SteamVR-compatible headset, this setup allows you to play your way.

For more information on setting up your eteeControllers with VIVE Ultimate Trackers, visit our website and explore our comprehensive setup guide. Upgrade your VR experience today with etee!



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