Evaluation Bundle



Built for Academic and Corporate customers looking to test etee and TG0 technology.


This package will give you access to advanced API features, source code of example projects, and license to use the basic and advanced APIs commercially in your projects or demos.

This bundle also includes the hardware listed below.

For ordering eteeController Evaluation Bundle, please visit our TG0 Demonstrator Store.


Product features


  • Full-finger sensing technology
  • 6 degrees of freedom
  • Lightweight and ergonomic design
  • BLE connectivity
  • SteamVR Compatible
  • 6 hours playtime
  • Default gestures: Point/Pinch/Grip

What you get?


  • eteeController, Left and Right
  • 2 eteeTracker SteamVR
  • 1 eteeDongle
  • 2 eteeDongle SteamVR 
  • 4 USB-C charging cables
  • 3 foam Sizes, 2x S/M/L

Software - Developer Resources:

  • Python
    • etee Python API*: public, open-source package
    • etee Python API (Advanced): custom haptic control
    • Source code for example Python-based projects: Ableton music interface, pygame interface, and drone controller emulation for LiftOff simulator.
  • Unity

The Quickstart Guides and basic API repositories are available to everyone.

Basic Support: 

If you still need assistance feel free to browse our community on Github, or send us an email through our support page on our website to get directly in touch with us.

Additional Support:

If you need further customised support for your academic application, email us to request a quote for contract-based services.

  • Size:

    5.3*5.1*2.7 in

    136*130*70 mm

  • Weight:

    5 oz

    142 g

  • Battery:

    • eteeController  

    730 mAh LiPo

    • eteeTracker SteamVR

    700 mAh LiPo

  • Charging:


  • Connectivity:

    BLE with dongle


  • Technology:

    Patented touch-sensing system

  • Operating System:

    Windows 10/11

  • Tracking:

    Support for SteamVR™ Base Station1.0 and 2.0

  • Developer Resources (APIs):


    Unity (C#) 

  • Required VR Hardware:

    • Virtual Reality ready PC

    • SteamVR compatible headset

    (Pimax and headsets with inside-out tracking systems are not compatible.)

    • Base stations

    (VIVE Base Station 1.0, 2.0, or Valve Index Base Station)



I have the Valve Index controllers that do a similar thing but they are quite chunky. etee is so light, it's 'pick up and play'.
- @VRBugStream
You're more free to use and manipulate the controller how you want, rather than resorting to a gun-style type of grip. You just don't even know that they are there
- @VR_Rosie
The lightweight controllers recognized each of my fingers and my grip, even tight squeezing.
- @UploadVR
VR content that doesn't demand the binary precision of hardcore game experiences like training, art, therapy, social, remote control and more - could definitely leverage etee as a more intuitive input
- @RtoVR
The finger sensing was working great already [...] The controllers are also lightweight which is a nice change.
- @CasandChary
eteeControllers bring people into VR in the most unobtrusive way.
- @MixedRealityTV
With my Avatar I can move fingers and make gestures!
- @Frooxius
With the usual devices (Buttons, faders...) you have to deal with , but have 8 pressure sensors + the thumb trackpad is great for having real expressiveness (In Music Creation)
- @ShoegMusic
How is this possible?? This is going to be great for some augmented VR worlds where you want to interact with other people with your hands..
- @Charbax
Any HMD producing company would be grateful to have etee compatibility
- @VRGear