eteeController SteamVR Guide_update testing

eteeController SteamVR Guide

1. Inside the box



2. Features



    3. How to connect /disconnect the eteeTracker?



    4. How to change the handle foams?

    5. How to wear eteeController?



    6. eteeConctroller LED status




    7. eteeTracker LED status



    8. Hardware requirements

    9. Set up SteamVR

    Download Steam from HERE
    Download SteamVR from HERE
    Download eteeConnect from HERE



      10. Pairing the eteeController



        11. Calibration



        12. VR tutorial - eteeOrigin

        Purpose of eteeOrigin is to provide an interactive comprehensive tutorial on how to use etee in a VR enviroment. Its under developing now. Stay tuned!



        13. What’s next?