Battery Life Extension Update

Battery Life Extension Update
1. Key Information
This beta release focuses on improving battery lifetime through the following changes:
  • New firmware - Fuel gauge: Better battery management and fuel gauge algorithms. Previously, errors in the fuel gauge estimations of the BQ27441 component caused the controller to turn off prematurely, even when there was much battery remaining. The new firmware implements a new algorithm to detect battery level and allow you to safely use all of etee's power.
    • Note: The new average battery lifetime is 4.5-5h with haptics, up to 
      6h without haptics (navigate to the end of the page to learn how to deactivate haptics).
  • More efficient haptics in SteamVR: Same user experience, less battery consumption for the etee haptics (aka. vibrations) in VR.

2. How to opt into the beta
To activate the beta release you will have to:
  • Activate the eteeConnect 
    beta branch
  • Update your controller firmware version to 
    1.3.10.beta.0 HERE

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