etee by TG0


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Button-free, precision controller offering a new way to control your devices, apps and projects with:
  • 3 Degrees of Freedom
  • Full-finger sensing technology
  • BLE connectivity
  • Ergonomic, lightweight body


    Product Description

    etee is the first of its kind finger-sensing controller. Powered by TG0's patented technology, etee allows user to control various devices and applications. etee is lightweight and intuitive to use. 

    Intended for:

    • makers that want to integrate the controllers into their applications
    • smart home integrations
    • Arduino / Raspberry Pi use control cases
    • game development
    • power users

    Package includes:

    • a pair of etee DevKit Controllers, Left and Right
    • 1 etee Dongle
    • 2 USB charging cables
    • 4 foam accessory, 2 Large and 2 Small
     Weight  2.65 ounces/75 grams
     Size  5.3*2.3*1.18 inches / 136*69*30 mm
     Battery Life  Up to 6hr / 14hr standby
     Communication  2.4 GHz Wireless (BLE)
     Haptics  DRV2605


    • Thumbpad(Configurable as trackpad/joystick/D-pad)
    • LED slider (Configurable as two independent buttons/analog input)
    • Two proximity sensors(Thumb finger detection)
    • Index/Middle/Ring/Pinky finger sensing
    • IMU
    • Customisable RGB lighting
    • Default gestures: Point/Pinch/Squeeze
     Operating System  Windows 7 64-bit or later
     Processor  1.66 GHz Intel i5 or equivalent
     Memory  1024 MB RAM
     Graphics   HD Graphics 4000 or above
     Direct-X   Version 10
     Storage   512 MB available space

    Pick up and Play

    Split configuration etee controllers offer you the chance to control your applications with either hand. Each controller has the same five finger sensing, touch pad and binding functionality.

    Six degrees of Fun

    The etee DevKit controllers leverage an integrated IMU component to provide for three degrees of freedom spatial tracking. Ideal for DIY and robotics use cases. With the additional tracker full 6DOF is possible.

    Secure Hold

    The provided foam handle gives you a secure hold on your fingers. You can control your application or game without worrying of losing the controller and immerse yourself in the experience.