Meta Connect 2022 Today !!

Meta Connect 2022 Today !!
It's the most wonderful time of the year (not Christmas), where new VR generation hardware is expected to be announced at Meta's 'Connect' conference. Meta is the market leader of VR hardware with the huge sales of its headsets, specifically its Quest product line. It has been rumoured to have sold around the 8 million mark.

Meta is therefore a big influence in the way technology evolves. We get a peak of what the future holds today and new technologies that have been secretly developed over the last few years. We know that the industry is moving from fresnel lenses to pancake lenses removing issues such as 'god rays' and also the tracking systems are moving away from SteamVR base stations to inside-out solutions.

We at etee, are watching the evolution closely and of course where we can make our controllers compatible we will and that includes new tracking systems that rely on camera arrays on the front of the headsets.
Meta is currently a closed ecosystem but Pico seems more open and there is a kickstarter which, if funded, will add SteamVR support to the new Pico4. 

Will there be more hardware announced in the coming months? I really hope so because VR is still just getting started and it is a thrilling ride to watch the Industries direction.

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