Highly recommended Spooky VR Titles for Halloween 2022

Highly recommended Spooky VR Titles for Halloween 2022

I have my personal favourites from streaming live on Twitch.

Those listed below are the ones that actually made me jump and yes, an occasional scream. Horror games on a flat screen can be scary but in VR it is next level. It is not for everyone.....

Reiko's Fragments - SteamVR

You are locked in a haunted house and have to find your way out without the scary 'Grudge' type apparition catching you. The clever part of this game is that chat can login to the server and can make things happen in your environment to scare you even more. They can control lights in some rooms and also smash things like vases. Jump scares are guaranteed !!

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You crash into a large starship in this futuristic horror. You must find items to survive including oxygen tanks, weapons and also material to 3D print ammo and other useful aids. Comodread nails the eerie atmosphere of a not so deserted spaceship where you will face hoards of creatures trying to prevent you from starting up the starship escape pod and making a break for it. If you are familiar with the film 'Event Horizon' you will know exactly how this game makes you feel. It's a roguelite so the layout of the ship changes every playthrough. Highly recommended.

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The Exorcist : Legion

Available in 3 parts, you play a detective finding clues to a killer from a number of murder scenes. This game will take you into a living nightmare with all the horror checkboxes ticked. Asylums, Tick !, old underground temples, Tick !,  babies climbing on the ceiling, Tick ! and much much more. Honestly I had to stop playing and take a break as it got so intense and my adrenal glands couldn't handle it. Good luck solving this case...

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Paranormal Activity : The Lost Soul

Armed with a battery hungry flashlight, you find yourself exploring what appears to be a quiet average looking home in a woodsy neighbourhood. Before long, you discover you’re not alone as you discover the clues unraveling the horrifying mystery of what’s gone on in this house and struggle to survive the terror that hunts you. Beware the jump scares in this game oh and also clown toys.......truly terrifying but a must play. PCVR version is better graphically in my opinion but no matter how you play it, it's a spooky experience.

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The Forest VR

I made the mistake of including this in my 24 hour Streaming session last year. I was playing this at 3am with chat keeping me company. Your aeroplane crashes onto an unknown island but you are not alone. Keeping you company are a tribe of cannibals and mutants. This is a survival game first and a horror game second but don't underestimate how horrific this game is. The storyline alone will suck you in and you will plough hours into discovering the secret of the island. Totally and utterly worth it. Fantastic game.

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Finally my favourite of them all........

Hellblade : Senua's Sacrifice

From the moment you open your eyes in Senua's world you know you are in for a hell of a ride. Set in the Viking era you are Senua, searching for the soul of her dead lover in Helheim, the home to the gods of old. It's a third person controller based VR game but please, I beg you, do not let that put you off. The world looks glorious in VR, combat is tight and the atmosphere so intense that you should go to hell for missing it. I play this in VR at least once a year, last time I played it for 8 hours straight from beginning to end. It's that good.

Enjoy and please tell Senua I sent you...

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