etee September Backer update - Still looking good for Q4 Shipping!

etee September Backer update - Still looking good for Q4 Shipping!
Hi Backers! I hope you are all good, here is your backer update for September 2022.

We have been busy ironing out some last minute bugs before we send out the eteeSteamVR Controller units to Creators. We have 10 Creators on our list initially but I won’t name them all, just look out for their videos/streams any date from October 30th. We’ve had A LOT of interest from players wanting to receive demo units and we will be selecting a couple at random to keep it fair in the future (We will let you know when that happens).

Providing nothing else holds us back and depending upon Creator feedback, we will start delivering to backers very shortly after. We have been testing the controllers the last couple of weeks and we think they are in a great place now, it's just last minute bug squishing then we are ready to rock.

I will be creating some more gameplay videos and tips & tricks to help you get to know your eteeSteamVR Controllers before they finally slip onto your hands over the coming weeks.

Just to reiterate we are still currently on course for delivery this Quarter for Backers & Preorders.

Please make sure that if you have changed address since you backed etee that you update to the new address using this link :

If you are a preorder customer and you have changed address, please log a ticket with eteeSupport stating your : order number, email address used on order, old address and the new address and we will be able to change this for you.

Any questions or concerns please not hesitate to reach out either via our socials or check our Knowledge Base :

Why not join our etee Discord Community here? :

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Thank you once again for hanging in there and all the support that you are showing us, it is appreciated.

Kind Regards,

etee Community Manager

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