etee by TG0


etee software package includes a range of SDKs and APIs which
allow for low-level access to it’s sensor data and haptic engine.


Windows compatible configuration tool that offers your the ability:

- update firmware
- customise bindings
- tune sensitivity
- and others


Is a game and tutorial custom designed to offer you an introductory journey into etee and it's capabilities. It can be downloaded from the Steam storefront.

For Developers and Makers

Low level APIs for Unity, Python and C++

Employ up to three alternating features with an option to align images or videos to the left/right and include a call to action below.

3D printing

You are invited to design and customize your etee with these provided step files. Let us know if you have other customization and integration needs through our contact form below.

USB-C protocol

It enables you to attach the tracker to your own creations and communicate various functions like haptics, battery usage and others.

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