Sword Art Online becomes real

Sword Art Online becomes real

Fun was had this week when Oculus founder, Palmer Lucky reported that he had half completed his vision for the famous 'Nerve Gear' full dive VR headset.

Nerve Gear was made famous in the anime', Sword Art Online or SAO where players were trapped in a VR MMORPG and if the headset was removed whilst they were still playing then they would die both in game and IRL.

The reason why the VR community was discussing this was that the date that players were trapped in the fictional game was November 6th 2022! Everyone played along and pretended it was happening in real time, which in some cases confused the real news outlets thinking Palmer had really designed a headset that could kill its wearers.

Quite nice to have a community 'in joke' on occasion, shows who the real OG VR players really are.

Read Palmers Article here : https://palmerluckey.com/if-you-die-in-the-game-you-die-in-real-life/

Some of the press responses :

The Independent




Article by VRBug, Stephen Prior - eteeXR Community Manager

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