eteeController October 2022 Backer update

eteeController October 2022 Backer update
Hi Backers,
I hope you are all well.

Here is your backer update for October 2022.

Demo eteeSteamVR units are being shipped to creators and we are working hard to improve the software and squish any bugs based on feedback. eteeSteamVR has been tested heavily with Beat Saber now, thanks to Rocker & Garsh pushing them to their limits and I can’t wait to see feedback based on other use cases so keep an eye out for any content from creators over the coming weeks.

We’ve now gone into full final production for our eteeTrackers after our Tracker testing, including improvements to our calibration process in our Warehouse in Shenzhen was completed and looking good.

At this stage, we are confident that eteeSteamVR will ship to backers at the end of November but of course there is always a small caveat that there might be a delay if an unforeseen issue or circumstance arises.

As soon as shipping has started I will update you straight away. Honestly, we can’t wait to get them to you after all your patience.

Potentially final backer update next month!!

Thanks all


eteeXR Community Manager

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