eteeDongles for SteamVR now available. Compatibility guide

eteeDongles for SteamVR now available. Compatibility guide

We've now released an additional add on dongle product. This is a standard standalone SteamVR dongle that can be used to expand the capabilities of your virtual reality setup. The dongle is compatible with the following systems:

Compatible with SteamVR based wireless tracked devices such as:
  • HTC Vive Tracker Gen 1 and Gen 2/ Gen 3?
  • HTC Vive Controllers, Gen 1 and Gen 2
  • Valve Index Controllers
  • Logitech VR-Ink Pen
  • Tundra Labs SteamVR HDK
  • Tundra Labs Tracker
  • eteeTracker
  • Triad Semiconductor Shoto HDK

All our other products come with the necessary dongles to be plug and play. This dongle can be an extra add on.

For eteeControllers SteamVR to be compatible with Windows Mixed Reality headsets you will need two extra SteamVR dongles. You can use your existing ones or you can purchase ours here.

We will update this post with a diagram of how eteeController dongle and SteamVR dongle communicate with the SteamVR platform.

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