New Game Bindings : SuperHot VR

New Game Bindings : SuperHot VR

SuperHot VR

SUPERHOT VR is the groundbreaking, award-winning VR action experience where time only moves when you do. With no health bars or easy ammo, you're alone, outnumbered, and must snatch weapons from fallen foes to dodge slow-motion bullets. This unique puzzle-shooter has won numerous VR Game of the Year awards and has been meticulously reimagined for VR and perfect match hand tracking controllers like etee. It's an intense, visceral experience that directly transports you into its heart-pounding action. We have recently updated new bindings for etee with Superhot VR to increase the immersion even higher so make sure to check it out!

🎮 Special Controller Bindings - Enhanced Gameplay for eteeController SteamVR and eteeController AdaptVR Kits 🎮

  • Effortlessly access the in-game menu by just tapping the tapzone on the tracker, ensuring a seamless gaming experience.
  • Our custom bindings are thoughtfully designed with your comfort in mind, delivering an uninterrupted and immersive gaming experience.

Customise Your SteamVR Experience:

For those seeking a personalised touch, eteeController enables you to customise your controller bindings. If the default setup doesn't quite suit your preferences, follow the steps in this video to tailor the controls to your liking. Access the bindings through SteamVR settings.

Stay tuned for more exciting game highlights and controller binding updates as we bring you fresh insights into a different game each week.

Firmware Reminder : Please keep your firmware updated! Disable tracker roles when using eeteeController SteamVR to avoid binding issues, if not SteamVR will prioritise inputs from the eteeTracker instead of the Controller. Disabling the tracker roles will allow you to seamlessly use community bindings and easily customise them as well.

However, if you are using eteeController AdaptVR kit with a third party tracker, you will have to assign the trackers as held in hand.


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