Latest News on eteeControllers! Backer update December 2022

Latest News on eteeControllers! Backer update December 2022

Hi Backers,
I hope you are all doing well.

Welcome to December’s Backer update!

As you are aware we’ve been sending our eteeControllers for SteamVR demo units to Influencers, including those in the Beat Saber Community.

We encouraged the influencers to be honest and transparent in their feedback and report on any bugs and issues they discover.

As part of this process, an Influencer reported that on occasion his hand was getting ‘stuck’ in VR during Beat Saber gameplay. We were able to reproduce this when testing in Boneworks. We have run through an analysis of this issue internally and we have identified that the issue relates to the eteeController handle.

To rectify this problem a small re-tool is required which will delay eteeControllers for SteamVR by a further 2.5 weeks.

Click here to see a clip showing the issue once we managed to reproduce it:

This .05mm design flaw has forced us to absorb the cost of reproducing 2000 handles in order to address this issue before they are shipped to your homes.  We are dedicated to offering the best and most robust product possible and thanks to our diligent testers and influencers we believe we are one step closer to achieving that end for you and us.  

We had to scrap 2000 handles that had been previously made but we are absorbing this cost and we believe the feedback provided has identified a key problem which we can address before they get in your hands.

Although another small delay is unfortunate, we sincerely believe  that you will  see the value in what we are doing. We are now in the final assembly phase of the eteeTrackers and when the handles are complete over the next couple of weeks we will be fully ready to ship. If you are interested we have some footage from today showing the assembly in progress. Footage is here

We are still aiming for December 2022 Shipping for eteeControllers for eteeController SteamVR.

Further to this news, if you ordered eteeController (Non-SteamVR) then they are beginning to ship NOW!

That’s right, we are shipping eteeControllers. You will receive confirmation on shipping and tracking information, so please do look for these emails in your inbox.

We are still waiting for confirmation on all backers shipping addresses as Kickstarter only required an email address, if you ordered eteeController we need your details so please take time to fill in the survey, link below.

Thanks for your patience.


eteeCommunity Manager

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