eteeControllers for SteamVR July Backer update

eteeControllers for SteamVR July Backer update
Hi Backers,

I hope you are well.

Here is your update for the month of July.

We had a great internal eteeController Demo day last week where all members of TG0, including those that have not been involved in the etee project, were able to try them out and provide feedback. It was a very positive session and very validating for the etee team after all their hard work, as you can see from the smiles below.

eteeController Internal Demo day at TG0

We’ve uploaded a recent video of eteeControllers in the ‘Moondust’ technical Demo by Valve, presented by Su who is one of our etee Developers. Su talks you through the different aspects of the controllers which shows how far they have come. (click here)

In other news..

eteeTracker production has restarted with the new manufacturer! We are now on our second batch of Trackers, the first batch of Trackers for the 1,000 pairs of etee are now complete. Our second batch is due to finish in the middle of August.

We had a small quality issue with the controller handles recently, which has already been rectified. They are being remade but will not add much additional time to delivery.

Controller production is complete!! We are now at the assembly phase which will be starting shortly.

As previously stated in the last update, we are not committing to a specific date to delivery in case there are any unforeseen issues but we are still currently on target for Q4 final delivery.

Thank you for backing etee and your continued support whilst we approach the final stretch.

As always, any questions please leave in the comments and I will answer them as soon as I can.

All the best


etee powered by TG0, Community Manager

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Oct 19, 2022 • Posted by King


Hope all is well. I was curious as to the progression of the software after release. In the knowledge base it says that finger splaying is not supported currently. Will it ever be supported or is it an hardware limitation?

Thank you and looking forward to hearing from you,

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