eteeController AdaptVR Kit - Bring Your Own Tracker

eteeController AdaptVR Kit - Bring Your Own Tracker

Give your trackers an upgrade with the eteeController AdaptVR Kit.

Some of you may have as many as ten trackers or even more in your setup, but have you ever considered their potential beyond full-body tracking? This kit acts as the bridge between your existing VR trackers and our state-of-the-art controllers.  It's so user-friendly that you can fully immerse yourself in SteamVR adventures in just a few steps!  

But hold on to your headsets, there's more! The eteeController AdaptVR Kit comes at a price that's 40% less than our full eteeController SteamVR Kit. Plus, it's a party that everyone's invited to – compatible with both Vive and Tundra trackers, as you may have already seen in some of our videos.

What sets the eteeController apart is its modular design. You can go all-in with the eteeTrackers, or if you're not quite ready for that commitment, just stick with your trusty old trackers used for full-body tracking. Sure, you won't have the same 360-degree freedom as the eteeTrackers, but it still provides you with access to eteeController’s advanced technology and finger tracking capabilities.

Not only can you  transform your trackers into a next gen finger-sensing controllers that unlock new ways to explore within SteamVR. There are more instore with etee – eteeController was always meant for more than just gaming. Whether you're a developer looking for tools to enhance your research or a curious individual eager to explore coding based projects, eteeController can cater to your needs. Plus, our driver is open-sourced, granting you the flexibility to make customised changes without worrying about compatibility issues.

Now lets cover what you are getting from eteeController AdaptVR Kit. You get a pair of eteeController, left and right. A pair of eteeAdapter that act as bridge between eteeController and your tracker. A pair of USB C and micro USB cables for charging, these do not need to be connected during gameplay, these cables are designed for charging convenience, allowing you to charge the entire set through the eteeController, eliminating the need to charge four separate pieces individually.

In summary, the eteeController AdaptVR Kit offers a fresh way to experience VR, repurpose your existing trackers, and access innovative technology – all at an affordable price point. 

If you are looking for a different way to play, look no further than etee.

See more information about eteeController AdaptVR Kit here.


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