August Update

August Update

Haptics, Tracker & Dongle Delay:

View our video update HERE

We identified issues with our haptics through game testing and are having to make a hardware change to address this. We are satisfied that this change resolves the issues and the haptics are now in line with industry standards.

eteeTracker's testing is on-going and showing great results. We now have a dedicated internal project to gather raw tracking data to improve further. 

eteeDongle is now delayed until October due to certification issues. We are still facing challenges due to the Pandemic and general component shortages, so we thank you for your patience.

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Oct 07, 2021 • Posted by Terry

When will the tracker be available and how much will it be please.
I have already pre ordered and paid for the Etee controllers so when will I be getting them please.
Thank you.

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