etee by TG0

eteeController Specs

Product Description

etee is the first of its kind finger-sensing controller. Powered by TG0's patented technology, etee allows user to control various devices and applications. etee is lightweight and intuitive to use. 

Intended for:

Package includes:

 Weight  2.65 ounces/75 grams
 Size  5.3*2.3*1.18 inches / 136*69*30 mm
 Battery Life  Up to 6hr / 14hr standby
 Communication  2.4 GHz Wireless (BLE)
 Haptics  DRV2605


  • Thumbpad(Configurable as trackpad/joystick/D-pad)
  • LED slider (Configurable as two independent buttons/analog input)
  • Two proximity sensors(Thumb finger detection)
  • Index/Middle/Ring/Pinky finger sensing
  • IMU
  • Customisable RGB lighting
  • Default gestures: Point/Pinch/Squeeze
 Operating System  Windows 7 64-bit or later
 Processor  1.66 GHz Intel i5 or equivalent
 Memory  1024 MB RAM
 Graphics   HD Graphics 4000 or above
 Direct-X   Version 10
 Storage   512 MB available space