etee by TG0


Who developed etee?

etee was developed by TG0( a technology start-up based in London, UK. TG0 is a 20 people team, currently working on commercialising a polymer material sensor technology. TG0 was co-founded by Ming Kong, Dr. Liucheng Guo and Mick Lin in 2015 and has been working with manufacturers and brands in the automotive, gaming and consumer electronics fields. etee is TG0’s first consumer-facing product.

Who is etee for?

Will etee functions be limited by the button-free design?

Why not gloves / in-air hand-tracking?

Will etee support Oculus, Windows Mixed Reality or others?

What do I need to use etee dev kit?

What do I need to use etee SteamVR?

Which games/APPs can I play with etee?