eteeAdatper Guide

eteeAdapter Quickstart Guide

1. Inside the box

‧ 1 eteeAdpater, Left and Right
‧ 2 USB cables (USB-C to USB-C)
‧ 2 USB cables (USB-C to USB Micro-B)
 2 D-ring



2. Overview

1. Peg feature
2. Tap zone
3. Female USB-C port (to eteeController)
4. Female USB-C port (to third-party tracker)
5. Release button
6. Bolt hole
Note: Tap zone is a touch-based button that is mapped to open in-game menus in VR.



3. How to attach eteeAdapter to eteeController?

Align eteeAdapter and eteeController, ensuring that their trapezoid-shaped features are properly matched. Utilise these features as the pivot point for rotation.
Insert eteeAdapter into eteeController, rotating and pushing it firmly until you hear the satisfying click indicating that the clipping mechanism has engaged.
Note: This guide shows the connection between the right-eteeController and the right-eteeAdapter. Please note mirrored process for the left-eteeController and the left-eteeAdapter.



4. How to attach a tracker to eteeAdapter?

Use the peg feature to position the third-party tracker and make sure it is inserted into the tracker.
Align the bolt holes on eteeAdapter and the tracker,
and securely fasten the tracker onto eteeAdapter using the provided ¼ inch bolt with D-ring.



5. How to detach eteeAdapter from eteeController?

Press the release button on eteeAdapter
to detach it, making sure to apply pressure to the front of the button using your fingertip.
Rotate eteeAdapter away from the handle, using the tap zone area as the pivot point.



6. How to charge a tracker through eteeAdapter?

Plug the provided cable between the tracker and the eteeAdapter.
This connection ensures a continuous flow of power
from the eteeController to the tracker.
To charge the tracker,
simply plug a USB-C cable into the eteeController.
Note:  USB-C to USB Micro-B cable is provided for older trackers like VIVE Tracker 2.0, and USB-C to USB-C cable is provided for trackers with a USB-C port.



7. Hardware compatibility & requirements

SteamVR Headset
(Not included)
SteamVR Basestation (1.0 or 2.0)
(Not included)
SteamVR trackers
(Not included)
(Not included)



8. Configure trackers in SteamVR for hand tracking

Install SteamVR and eteeConnect through Steam store, and open the SteamVR application.
Note: eteeConnect does NOT need to be opened, only installed.
Right-click on SteamVR status and select Devices > Pair Controller. Only turn on one tracker to avoid confusion with controller handedness later.
.................................... .............................. ..............................
Follow on-screen instructions for pairing your tracker. After pairing, right-click on SteamVR status and select Devices > Manage trackers.
The "Manage Trackers" menu displays all trackers connected to the PC.
Trackers with a green icon are currently active. This should be noted when assigning handedness to the tracker.
In the drop-down list for Tracker Role, select Held-in Hand for the active tracker. Then, choose the appropriate hand (left or right) from the drop-down list based on the controller attached to the specific tracker.
Repeat step 2 to step 5 for the other tracker. Swap the hands in drop-down menu if needed.
Note: SteamVR restart will be required for the swapping to take effect.
!! Note 1: It is assumed that all necessary hardware is acquired and software applications are installed.   
!! Note 2: eteeConnect and SteamVR cannot be run simultaneously. Please run only one application at a time.



9. Further information

Further information and guides can be found by visiting:
Knowledge Base
etee YouTube channel
etee Discord community
We hope you enjoy your new eteeAdapter!