DevKit Guide

DevKit Guide

1. What’s in the box

  1. eteeController: 1 Pair
  2. eteeDongle: 1 unit
  3. USB C cables: 2 units
  4. Foam attachments: 4 units (1 pair of small variant/1 pair of large variant)


2. etee Controller Specifications

  • Size: 5.3*2.3*1.18 inches / 136*69*30 mm
  • Weight: 2.65 ounces/75 grams
  • Communication: 2.4GHz Wireless BLE
  • Integrated Haptics
  • Battery and Charging
    • 8 HR+ play time
    • 18 HR+ Standby
    • 900 mAh LiPo 
    • 80 mins Charging Time 
    • 1 A max charge current 
    • Fast charge with built-in “smart trickle charging”  


3. etee Connect Specifications

  • OS: Windows 10
  • Processor: 2.6 GHz Intel i5 or equivalent 
  • Memory: 4096 MB RAM
  • Graphics: Intel® HD Graphics 620 or above
  • Direct X: Version 10 
  • Storage: 512 MB available space 


4. etee Features

etee controller specs
  1. Thumbpad (Configurable as trackpad/joystick/D-pad)
  2. LED slider (Configurable as two independent buttons/analog input
  3. Full finger tracking
  4. Replacable Foam (S, M & L)
  5. Configurable RGB lighting
  6. Configurable Haptics
  7. Three degrees of freedom
    with gyro
Default gestures: Point/Pinch/Squeeze


5. Changing Handle Foam

  • Pull the foam carefully off the handle
  • Align the edge of the replacement foam to the edge of the handle 
  • Press the replacement foam onto the handle 
  • Some pressure might be required towards the top of the handle to push the foam in the handle
etee pulling off foam from handle etee aligning foam to handle etee adding foam


6. Charging and turning on etee

  • Power button is located on the bottom of the etee controller, underneath the USB C
  • Reset etee: press the power button for 13 seconds 
  • Turning on etee: press the power button once
  • Turning off etee: hold the power button for 5 seconds


7. How to wear etee correctly

Identifying the left and right controller
  1. On the top of the handle, the controllers are marked with L for left and R for right
  2. The controllers can be visually identified by the side which the handle is located. Orient the controller such that the LED is directly in front of you, in line with your eyes. If the handle is on the right side of the controller, it is the right hand controller. Similarly, if the handle is on the left side of the controller, it is a left hand controller. 
how to wear etee how to wear etee how to wear etee

8. etee Connect

8.1 eteeConnect download instructions

Install eteeRoom for etee controller via the SteamStore


8.2 eteeConnect: First time assistant

  1. Dongle connected
  2. Turn etee on
  3. Wear etee
  4. Calibration animated step-by-step guide
  5. Done

    8.3 eteeConnect Live Data

    live data UI
    • Battery Percentage
    • IMU showcase
    • Finger values
    • Trackpad values

      8.4 eteeConnect: Binding Profile selection

      binding UI
      1. eteeConnect: Binding understanding
      2. eteeConnect: Haptic Configuration
      3. eteeConnect: LED Configuration

      8.5 Firmware update

      • eteeConnect 
      Auto-update option
      Follow onscreen prompts to allow update to continue.
      • eteeDongle
      Please do not unplug the dongle during the firmware update as this may brick the device permanently. 
      • eteeController
      Please do not turn off etee or eteeConnect during the firmware update. As this may brick the device permanently. 
      1. Ensure only one pair of controllers are connected to the dongle
      2. Ensure both controllers have more than 50% charge (eteeConnect to have update disable feature for controllers below 20% battery charge “please charge the controllers before updating the device”)


      8.6 etee Calibration 

      etee hands calibration position
      1. eteeConnect: Finger Calibration 
      2. eteeConnect: Rotation Calibration
      3. eteeConnect: Trackpad Calibration
      4. eteeConnect: LED Calibration
      5. eteeConnect: Complete Calibration


      9. Battery and charging

      etee charging
      1. Power specification: 1A output charger with USB C cable
      2. Connect cable to corresponding port on the bottom of eteeController
      3. Battery status: LED should turn yellow to denote the controller is charging
      4. Battery status: LED should go off/no colours, to denote controller is fully charged
      5. eteeConnect: You can check battery percentage on Live Data for accurate battery status


      10. LED status

      etee lights
      Blink Blue: is not connected to anything/searching for dongle to connect to
      Blink Red: Low battery, please charge
      Blink Yellow: Battery is charging whilst etee is On
      Solid Yellow: Battery is charging whilst etee is OFF
      Breathing Pink Purple: Connected and On
      Breathing Green: Firmware is updating