TG0's Top 5 Meta Quest Games

TG0's Top 5 Meta Quest Games

Beat Saber and Population One are 2 of the top titles on the Meta Quest and are still a staple of many Quest owners years after release.

But... what games would you choose as your favourites if they didn't exist?

What would be your next top 5 Meta Quest Games?

After a heated discussion in the office and some biscuit throwing, we settled on these 5 and some of the choices were actually quite interesting!

Among Us VR / Schell Games / £7.99

Current favourite, a highly addictive game of deceit. It brings out the lying skills that exist dormant in all of us and shoves it in your friends faces. The ability to hide being "Sus" is an art form and often the results are hilarious. You should be thrown out the airlock if you are not joining in the fun.

Walkabout Mini Golf / Mighty Coconut / £10.99

Rejoice! You no longer have to go to the rubbish seaside fairs to play Mini Golf with your friends! Mighty Coconut has achieved mini golf perfection with this fun title. Tons of courses out the box to brush off those putting skills. Replay-ability is at an all time high with themed DLC courses constantly being dropped, including favourites such as the 80's film classic 'Labyrinth', '20,000 leagues under the sea' and one of the biggest selling video games of all time, 'MYST'.

Not to be missed.

Into The Radius / CM Games / £22.99

Now let's get to the point. ITR has an atmosphere that will crush your soul. It's scary, unnerving but damn right addictive. The weapons, physics mechanics and realism in this game are insane, I mean, you can insert individual bullets into gun magazines!? If you are familiar with the S.T.A.L.K.E.R series then you know what this game is. Venture forth into the Radius to scavenge and unravel the mystery of what actually happened whilst defending yourself from crazy apparitions. Its learning curve is perfectly paced and as your skills improve, you will want to go into the Radius time and time again. I've personally sunk 30+ hours into this game so far.

A Township Tale / Alta / £7.99

Do you really like crafting and don't like Minecraft? Well this could scratch that itch. Although primarily not a pure crafting game, it has a ton of items that you can create. Anything from potions to weapons, so you have to keep looking out for the necessary ingredients as you explore the vast open world a Township Tale has to offer. It is a VRMMORPG (I will translate for you), a Virtual Reality Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game! with tons of customization options for your character to feel unique. I love the art style of this game, it feels like you are living in a cartoon. An absolutely fantastic price for the content you get and still in active Development.

The Last Clockwinder / Pontoco / £18.99

Here's an idea for a game! Clone yourself as many times as you need and record specific movements, loop them together and behold many puzzles you will solve! I went into this game not really knowing what to expect but was pleasantly surprised to find a charming, fun puzzle game. A very unique spin on the genre that feels totally refreshing. It actually has a great storyline too, which should come as no surprise as CYAN Games of the MYST ilk published this title. Relaxing, challenging and quite the ride, one that should be on every puzzle fan's list.

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