New Game Bindings : Propagation

New Game Bindings : Propagation

New Game Bindings for eteeController SteamVR and eteeController AdaptVR Kit

Step into the heart-pounding world of Propagation VR, where a relentless virus has unleashed an apocalyptic nightmare. As you find yourself trapped in an eerie subway station teeming with man-eating zombies, your survival depends on your wits, nerve and the two guns you can carry. 

The immersive experience offers not only spine-tingling cinematics and a diverse array of nightmarish foes but is further intensified by the game’s diverse Bhaptic compatibility. Which is greatly complemented by the strong haptic motors of eteeController, enhancing the tension with tactile feedback for every gunshot, enemy attack, and encounter making your struggle for survival in this immersive horror experience unforgettable.

🎮 Special Controller Bindings - Enhanced Gameplay for eteeController SteamVR and eteeController AdaptVR Kits 🎮

  • Use the side pinch gesture to select and your forefinger as a shooting trigger 
  • Effortlessly access the in-game menu by just tapping the tapzone on the tracker, ensuring a seamless gaming experience.
  • Our custom bindings are thoughtfully designed with your comfort in mind, delivering an uninterrupted and immersive gaming experience.

Customise Your SteamVR Experience:

For those seeking a personalised touch, eteeController enables you to customise your controller bindings. If the default setup doesn't quite suit your preferences, follow the steps in this video to tailor the controls to your liking. Access the bindings through SteamVR settings.

Stay tuned for more exciting game highlights and controller binding updates as we bring you fresh insights into a different game each week.

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