Extended Battery life for eteeController!

Extended Battery life for eteeController!



We have some good news! We will have a new update that will extend the battery life of your eteeControllers and trackers

This has been an R&D project of ours for some time as we sought to fulfil this request from our member feedback. 

In short, we found a way to extend the battery life of your eteeController without needing a hardware change. We've discovered that the frequency and intensity of haptic triggers play a role in affecting battery life. The team’s findings show that by lowering the amplitude of the haptic it can significantly improve the playtime. This change won't affect your gaming experience – you'll still feel the same intensity – but it will significantly extend your eteeController’s battery life.

We appreciate your patience as we work on a firmware update to implement this change. It might take a couple more weeks, but we're on it! Thanks for being part of our community and understanding the challenges of a small hardware brand.. Stay tuned for more updates!

-The eteeTeam!

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